Current Studies

Imagine a world without HIV. Imagine a world without malaria. You can help make a difference by volunteering for one of our open studies. Currently we have a variety of studies that support HIV and malaria research.

About Our Studies

HIV Vaccine studies are for HIV negative volunteers who are 18-50 years old. They usually are 1-2 years long and may require a number of visits through out the study. The study products (vaccines and placebos) being used do not contain the HIV virus. Therefore, the study products cannot cause HIV infection.

HIV Cohort Studies (also known as our observational studies), are for HIV negative and positive volunteers. Some of our Cohort Studies take volunteers who are 18-60 years old. In these studies, there are no medications or vaccines given. Sometimes there is only one visit required or other times we may need you to return for a series of visits.

Mucosal Studies are for HIV-negative women who are 18-40 years old, able to have a pelvic exam and have had regular menstral cycles for the last 6 months. In order to understand how women get infected with HIV through sex, we must first understand how the immune system works in the inner lining, or mucous membrane, of female anatomy. We do this by obtaining small tissue samples (biopsies) from the cervix and vagina of healthy HIV-negative women.  Once we understand how the mucosal immune system works, we will have a better chance at developing ways to prevent HIV infection in women. This study only has one visit.

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